this week i

donated to that orphanage. as usual, the onion nailed it. and here's a donation visualization.

built a profile of uninsured childless adults below 133% of poverty, compared them to the current medicaid population.

presented a poster on my r transition paper at the international conference on health policy statistics.

(click here to view)

celebrated sans reason with fellow health policy statisticians.

donned my best halo, updated a picture.

ate ethiopian at zed's. also: the chronological last line of pulp fiction? "zed's dead, baby. zed's dead."

want to be quoted on this: "to manufacture a need, and then to profit off of it. add that to the roots of all evil."

chilled out in baltimore with three of my amigos...

hauled invisible kegs.

ate mac, cheese, belgian chocolate..

and foie gras french fries.

made a night of it.

baltimore: where the streets are a scene out of scorsese's taxi driver..

where the moon is always over your shoulder..

and where sunrise means a hot chicken masala dumpling buffet.

watched some football with my dad..

..over shrimp pizza.