this week i

watched the summit. zoom in to see a link to our side-by-sides and a ridiculous eyesore.

appreciate the words "if you don't write it down, it didn't happen."

was wowed by rodrigo y gabriela.

landed in jacksonville late friday night.

drove clockwise around the okefenokee swamp. (map of the full route)

swamp hiked.

swamp camped.

swamp boated.

saw swamp creatures..
swamp hawks

swamp trees

swamp larks


swamp hounds

softshell tortii

and camouflage

for this guy

swamp raptors..


scarred pines..

swamp reasons for

'no swimming' signs

concluded that the literary theme of any swamp romp is and always will be 'reflection'..

..for example, that last picture is upside down.

want 'upsidown' added to the dictionary.

like swamps.