this week i

noticed our article on medicare advantage quality has been picked up by wikipedia's main medicare article.

wrapped up the amazing planet earth series. surprisingly, the best episode was the one that focused least on the animal kingdom: plant growth-races for canopy sunlight & cordyceps fungi.

learned to display 'not applicable' values in r's xtabs function.

test <- c(1,2,3,1,2,3,NA,NA,1,2,3)


bumped into this free online course on 'statistics and visualization for data analysis and inference'.

was visited by naomi. red carpet treatment, of course.

danced at the korean embassy a little.

caught the donovan mccoy sextet at 18th st lounge a little.

saw the newseum a little. favorite quote: "freedom includes the right to be outrageous." favorite wall: berlin.

matineed with aurelia's oratorio a little.

enjoyed the uzbekistani embassy's navruz celebration a lot...

fancy kindling

excuse me mr. ambassador, can i take a picture with you? gr8thnxbai

police lineups

cultural goods

silk road dance companies

..and feasts consumed in beautiful rooms.


(1) illicit money. don't miss 'a company in country a makes photocopy machines..'

'for every $1 handed out across the top of the table, the west has been receiving back up to $10 under the table.'

'cutting the flow of illicit flight capital out of poor countries by even 25 percent..would leave more money in poor countries than the total of overseas development assistance provided by rich-country donors.'

(2) the future of water in the american west

(3) social work with guns