this week i

updated our brief on the new medicaid-eligible population.

tested out the new 64 bit version of r, now able to use all 8gb of my computer's ram.

saw russell peters, impressed by his audience-insult improvisational skills.

thought about why programmers have difficulty working short days. more than other occupations, coding demands strong quantitative short-term memory to juggle all of the variable names and characteristics in your head; breaking for the night when a script has been half-written requires substantial memory-refreshment to pick up where you left off. so working 8 hrs x 5 days results in far less accomplishment than 10 x 4.

enjoyed two of my favorite out-of-towners..

..for front row! seats to mavis staples (1) (2) at the kennedy center..

..for great conversation until 3..

..for lazing into mid-afternoon..

..and for a venetian ball at the italian embassy:
hilarious masked beer consumption

ballroom dancing lessons

professional photography booths

handshakes, thumbs ups, sweet nothing whisperers

spanish embassy infil-traitors

full orchestras

madonna, despite being half french-canadian

the occasional sundarbans-style tiger-attack-prevention back-of-the-head mask


heavenly tiramisu

and exclusive post-parties