this week i

published my first first-author paper with kff about insurance coverage stability and patterns. don't miss the graphs.

wrote code to load non-delimited sas files directly into r. this program takes a sas ascii input program and a sas ascii data file, and creates a data frame in r. only works on smaller files. click here to take a look on the new github account.

found a trove of instructional videos about r: why learn, how to start, & more advanced methods.

disabled my google reader's social functions by typing javascript:antisocial('true') into the location bar. also noticed google calendar now has a labs option - 'dim repeating events' a nice feature.

watched some old episodes of the wire with my father. a reminder of how difficult and improvisational police work can be - and how impressive it is to catch a car-bomb suspect in 53 hours.

commend the aba for imposing meaningful penalties upon physicians who assist with the death penalty.

worked on my lap steel guitar..

chiseled out the peghead.

drilled the tuner holes.

aligned the bridge ports.

dug the pickup cavity.

tunneled the electronics.




scratched the frets into the cocobolo fretboard.

hammered most delicately.

almost finished.

intend to play it with an 11/16" socket as my slide.