this week i

attended a haiti technology conference at the us state department to learn what data are available for disease surveillence and geospatial analysis. best exchange: panelist to google developer 'we need google docs for low-bandwidth settings.'

rode to nyc. watched the last waltz, found new respect for rick danko, excited to see levon helm this summer.

won't take megabus again. onboard wi-fi was 0 for 2. bolt or chinatown next time.

saw julliard jazz at lincoln center.

had a late late dinner..

..a nap.. early early dogwalk..

..bottomless fresh squeezed orange juice with brunch..

..a meander through moma..

..and duck-spotting in central park.

crossed over to jersey for the views..

..from ben's jacuzzi. seriously.

saw laura's m.f.a. exhibition..

..look closely at those rings..

..exactly one million of them.

more work..

..and a close-up here.

thought some of her graduating peers' work to be quite good..

..and others' quite horrid.

enjoyed a celebratory hookah.

toured her artist's studio..

..learned how she made it.

found this opinion piece arguing for statistically adjusting census results to achieve a more accurate population count: the number of persons within an unreachable household already gets imputed, so we should adjust mailed-in survey responses with certain sampling techniques. before endorsing this new way of doing things, i'd want to know what more could be done to prevent mail-in responders from misreporting household size in the first place.

also read..

(1) the clinton presidency 'one of the striking features of george w. bush's time in office is how quickly, and easily, he was able to dispense with clinton's legacy'

(2) an eloquent reflection on the hell that motor neuron disease sufferers (like my mother) experience before death.

(3) international adoption 'dwindling because no one can agree on what constitutes an ethical adoption'

(4) 'this is the captain. brace for impact.'

(5) sarah and taxes 'her anti-tax rhetoric..unembarrassed by the fact that alaska tops the tables of per capita federal expenditure, on which one in three jobs in the state depends.'

(6) kenyan corruption 'the average kenyan pays sixteen bribes a month...members of kenya's parliament are among the highest paid in the world, with a compensation package of $145,565...the equivalent of an american congressman making $8.5 million.'

(7) judicial fallout of extraordinary rendition 'a landmark decision that federal courts could adjudicate claims by foreign citizens against foreign defendants for human rights violations committed abroad.'

(8) peace starts in kashmir 'obama's failure to even mention a likely solution to the subcontinent's primary conflict will doom his new strategy.'