this week i

fasted until dark on thursday.

hopped on a plane to san francisco.. spend time with my old friend dan. a future doctor, of course.

learned from him, among other things, that there's a food we commonly eat made of only one cell. he's in medicine as a means for public health, i hope to work with him in the future. wouldn't you?

experienced the best burrito of my life, and..
san franciscan individually-wrapped corn dogs

perfect weather

exotic roadkill

oddities aplenty

saw denise and her infant son andrew. meeting an adorable child then eating home-cooked ghanaian cuisine: worth the entire plane ticket.

walked stanford's campus.

probably had too much fun on our foundation staff retreat..

toured the fantastic artwork on display in our california headquarters.

bused down to santa cruz..

for the sun through the trees

for the miracle of surf

for domino seagulls

for the celebrity treatment.

wrapped up george carlin's when will jesus bring the pork chops..

i was reading a fitness magazine that had an article about cross-training and i realized this would have been a good idea for jesus.

regarding the menendez brothers, my opinion is that you can rarely get two kids to agree to kill their parents unless the parents really deserve it.

the worst thing about e-mail is that you can't interrupt the other person. you have to read the whole thing and then e-mail them back, pointing out all their mistakes and faulty assumptions. it's frustrating and it's time-consuming. god bless phone calls.