this week i

rented the car on the left, ♥ how california allows symbols on vanity plates.

crossed the bridge..

..for the views.

judge a city by how few chain stores i see, rank san francisco high on my list. also keep score by..
rolling plains, vantage points

food that's great looking, tasting

free doggie bags, fantastic murals

responses to hollywood

beachmountain hikepaths

bikes, wired buses, and

love this map showing county-to-county migration in the united states.

watched the doctors without borders movie. less surgical action than i expected, but still informative.

read some articles..

(1) cass sunstein vs. peter orszag on incentivizing best medical practices.

(2) deep blue's defeat of a human chess champion.

(3) a south london teenager on the kibbutz

(4) "to praise facebook for its 'clean' design, akin to celebrating tract housing."

(5) tension in iran "i have no doubt that large changes are on the horizon. the question is how and when."