this week i

unveiled our medicare advantage health plan tracker data update.

mapped out substance abuse hospitalizations by new york city neighborhood for tracy.

work hard now, because the future exponentiates everything.

ate cupcakes at the finnish embassy.
listened to the student loan at national geographic.

brought lunchables to the bela fleck/chick corea wolftrap concert.

headed off to assateague..

sat on the pristine beach.

saved a life.

expedited our campfire.

hunted by night.. blood-red moon (zoom in).

saw some porpoise dolphin something creatures. and birds, also hunting..

..and kings of the mountain..

..and mounds of grilled turkey + avocado.

love this place.

read a little..

(1) faux revolutionaries

(2) physics revolutionaries "the second revolution..changed the way we think about almost everything, not only in physics but in chemistry and biology and philosophy."

(3) emotional response to the haitian earthquake

(4) "atomic bombs on intercontinental rockets"

(5) "the streets of bogota are safer than washington dc's."