this week i

attended the washington dc r users group meeting. learned webscraping - systematically extracting data from websites. powerful, but most of its uses seem borderline illegal, like capturing hospital data when you're supposed to buy it.

generally dislike campaign finance laws, but thought twice. 'corporations are legal fictions. they have no opinions of their own to contribute and no rights to participate with equal voice or vote in politics.'

understand why b.p. franchise owners might not replace certain sign bulbs.

presented a poster outlining the key findings in our medicaid expansion population brief at the academyhealth conference, a.k.a. health policy disney world.

highly recommend boston..

for glorious mistakes


ancient-by-american-standards churches

red hot summer days

cool american knights

spicy tuna, mango smoked salmon, and yes of course sweet potato eel sushi

imaginative shoppes: party novelties..

the first in free book-borrowing

..& rice krispies ice cream cones

duck-toured with naomi, proudly displaying her..

expored m.i.t. and adjacent museum.

interacted with the midsummer night's dream-themed donkey show.