this week i

survived a 10k. placed 151st, 57 minutes. limped home. will never run further. a strange experience to be in a tight crowd of heavy-breathing people, silent of any conversation. a look at the data -

ate tacos at my dad's..

..before our tenth row seats to aretha franklin.

ate 18th st. ethiopian with emily, in town from geneva.

made shockingly good conversation.

bade farewell to dani, off to law school.

watched warren beatty in bonnie & clyde at screen on the green.

hosted emma, flying nonstop dc to addis ababa on her way to teach epidemiology to maternity nurses in somalia. indulged at fogo de chao, since she'll be eating nothing but goat for a month.

hiked the entirety of roosevelt island.

picnicked with willie nelson.