this week i

published our health affairs article on the state of medicare for disabled (younger) beneficiaries.

trekked up to baltimore to get some advice about part-time phd programs.

rode a speedboat past ft. mchenry. climbed federal hill. watched the city night from a little havana patio. might've snuck a late-night cinnamon sugar pretzel and a breakfast at teavolve in there too.

host enough people in my home that i ought to make some guest information packets.

learned that the funny bone is the funny bone because it's at the end of your humerus. and how to quickly determine the classes / variable type in an r data frame.

am growing alarmed about political compromises re: net neutrality.

rode the elevator to the top of the washington monument..

loved atul gawande's article on end of life care.

"you only live longer when you stop trying to live longer"

"i prefer the more martial view that death is the ultimate enemy - and i find nothing reproachable in those who rage mightily against the dying of the light."

"if i'm able to eat chocolate ice cream and watch football on tv, then i'm willing to stay alive."

"the new health-reform act was to have added medicare coverage for these conversations, until it was deemed funding for 'death panels' and stripped out of the legislation."