this week i

examined out-of-pocket cost sharing and premiums among seniors with different types of insurance to supplement medicare.

perfected more than thirty pages of r code to simulate the population of americans that we expect to enter these new health insurance exchanges in 2014.

saw lyle lovett with my father.

have been glued to emma's blog, currently about her experience at a maternity hospital. in somaliland.

have been teaching jenn some r coding. she wrote me the best birthday card note i've ever received -
for (i in 1:4){
print("happy birthday")
print( ifelse(i==3,"dear anthony","to you") )


hit the pause button on life.

watched a meteor shower over the atlantic.

grilled. kept hydrated.

enjoyed the moonshine.


drove into town for some wings..

..then further north for the boardwalk..

and kites and volleyball

and sandy jesuses.

miss it already.

wish i understood this real estate market.

opened quantum mechanics and experience, not the best beach read.

"ever since physics first penetrated the has literally been called into question..whether or not there are always objective matters of fact about the whereabouts of subatomic particles, or about the locations of tables and chairs."