this week i

toured the u.s. capitol..

..and gift shop. huh?

went to a doo-wop show at wolftrap. apparently hate doo-wop.

have been reading the agonist a lot recently, per my boss's suggestion. his rant against ken mehlman is superb.

kind of agree re: economic forecasting.

think spain without portugal looks bizarre.

would follow this guide to self-employment, but i'm happy at kff, tyvm.

read this article about how language shapes thoughts.

the guugu yimithirr rely on cardinal directions..they would warn you to 'look out for that big ant just north of your foot.'

a speaker of tzeltal from southern mexico was blindfolded and spun around more than 20 times in a darkened house. still blindfolded and dizzy, he pointed without hesitation at the geographic directions.

dredged up my favorite paragraph from my old epidemiology textbook, written by the legendary hopkins professor leon gordis. this is verbatim (emphasis mine).

they asked a group of men whether or not they had been circumcised. the men were then examined by a physician. of the 56 men who stated they were circumcised, 19, or 33.9%, were found to be uncircumcised. of the 136 men who stated they were not circumcised, 47, or 34.6% were found to be circumcised. these data demonstrate that the findings from studies using interview data may not always be clear-cut.