this week i

released the toplines from our survey of disabled medicare beneficiaries.

summarize the problem with my field: health is boring when you have it but excruciating when you don't.

intend to spend one third of my life learning. doing. teaching.

touched down in little rock, conquered the ozarks - the full 900 miles.

can't tell you how proud i am to work for this foundation.

drove through the forest.

found a somewhat ironic farmer's market.

stood in line. had the best crepe ever. in bentonville, arkansas?

saw some new and different roadkill..

..and roadside decor.

hit the arkansan blues scene.

took a shortcut or two.

pulled into the carroll county fair. exactly what you'd expect of a northern a.r. county fair, which is to say, amazing.

walked across the white river.

toured a beautiful mountain cave, reminiscent of gaudi's sagrada familia.

found a truck stop gas station casino + tribal police in oklahoma..

..+ native american campaigning.

bought a snow cone at the powwow.

treaded lightly over the indian burial ground.

ducked through eureka springs, home of the original passion of the christ. part biker haven, part art colony.

drove historic route 66.

joined the fisherfolk on the roaring river..

..too bad they had to drag their dinners through the algae near the shore.

think it's clear from the abundance of almost-new, for sale & abandoned buildings that our society has overbuilt.

crossed paths with campers near diamond city, bull shoals dam, & norfork dam.

stopped for some fish hatcheries.

visited a ghost town.

discovered forested river mountain scenes like these everywhere i went.

tried watching tv, couldn't watch tv.

wish the ambulance station where i worked during college had similar lawn decor to the emergency responders' in galena, kansas.

drove home. to the airport, at least.

repeat. kill your cell phone.

ate some crabs on my apartment floor.

see that they banned smoking in greece.

support our troops by not burning the koran.

laughed out loud at mitch hedberg.

is a hippopotamus a hippopotamus or just a really cool opotamus?

i got a business card because i want to win some lunches. my card says, "mitch hedberg. potential lunch winner."

i feel that ducks' opinion of me is very much influenced over whether or not i have bread.