this week i

installed my new dvorak keyboard.  we'll see how long this lasts.  biggest drawback so far: control+c and control+v aren't left-hand-only.

spring cleaned.

toured a few homes for sale.

think the onion is often more important than just funny.

listened to ella in rome all the way through.  you should too.

saw source code, the hollywood child of groundhog day and avatar (remember avatar also a mishmash re-telling of pocahontas, the matrix, and david v. goliath).  exciting but thumbs down, too many holes in their explanation of reality.

wandered over to eastern market before emma leaves for angola.  realized how spoiled i am by my walk to work.

enjoyed some intimate free bluegrass thursdays on h street.

took an afternoon off, ordered a sub-par crepe (pancake too thick), opened all the windows, and caught up on my favorite.