this week i

got my abstract about statistical programming shortcuts written up in the bureau of labor statistics' monthly labor review

walked to the white house the night they announced bin laden's death.

didn't feel right celebrating revenge with them..

laughing for camera crews

 ..and doing pull-ups from light posts.

will save it for when we end these wars.  the kiss in times square was powerful because he came home.

read an excellent brief history and significance of the kalashnikov - "private industry turned out to be a combination of 'salesmanship, sham science, cover-ups, chicanery, incompetence, and no small amount of dishonesty by a gun manufacturer [colt] and senior american military officers'."

had forgotten about philadelphia..

home to many a mural

moist morning marathons

mano y mano doorknobs

drank in the stained glass.

ate locally.

learned about the trinities.

browsed chocolatier stands..

..get the 'chocolate on my mind' reference but not the onion one.

witnessed hipster jealousy.

found my old secret admirer scooby doo in laura's closet - a priceless heirloom.  when you squeeze his tummy, he says, "ri ruv roo."

saw the mutter museum firsthand.  the leader in anatomical abnormalities, both actual and artistic.  if you go, prepare yourself for pickled infants.

think this is a beautiful family.  no sarcasm.

made new friends.

waited for the main event..

..some more patient than others.

blew my mind..

..musicians and acrobats from fifteen stories up.

hardened my belief that our two continents are the promised land.