this week i

surrendered to my latin roots.

figured out a new cheap-cabs-in-unfamiliar-airports trick.  head to the 'departures' drop-off point (often on a different level than the 'arrivals' pick-up point) to find the taxi drivers who aren't stationed at the airport or connected to a company; most city-based cabbies will probably be happy just to get a second fare for their trip back downtown.

worked remotely.  probably won't make any friends with this one.

got hooked on the music.  ..and the food.  ..and the company.

 ..and the old folks in the park using the public nautili.
hailed the first plane to brasilia.

beelined to the party.

withheld judgment.  hey, at least it's not barf.
would put persimmon on my death row dinner request list.

toured the ministries..

..the towers..

..and a used book store.

picnicked under the daytime moon.

met brazilian roger ebert.

crossed the bridge over the man-made lake..

..for a gala at the capital cultural center.

smurfed out.

headed back for more.