this week i

continued to work from rio de janeiro..

..despite ample distractions.

think it's a good day for data visualization when the financial times and are both covering the same story.

cabled up the mountain.  the little red speck atop the other range is christ.

wandered through museums.

admired graffiti artists' attention to detail..

..less so the political correctness of preferential seating signs.
ate amazonian puddin'.

got you you little fucker.

walked by the ocean.. see brazil: modernity superimposed on an ancient world.

spent the weekend in salvador..

where the ocean meets the bay of all saints

home to a magnificent sky

a thousand churches

..and a thousand and one reminders.

ate food by the kilogram.

would describe this scene as 'typically human' or 'typical of humanity'.. in the best way.

 entered the market..

..though the best merchandise will come to you.

loved the parks..

the slopes

the trees

..and the symbolism.

walked a 5k pilgrimage through tropical winter downpours..

returned to rio, better judgment be damned.