this week i

presented consumer expenditure survey data analysis tips and techniques at the bureau of labor statistics for the second year in a row.

gave some friends at kff my introduction to r workshop.

matched the medicare advantage capitation payment and enrollment statistics shown in the medicare trustees report using the medicare current beneficiary survey, allowing us to study this market a whole lot more.

recorded unchain my heart with a five buck microphone, an old favorite.

taxied over to h street with howard.

listened to live jazz, played some chess in the corner, like an asshole.

poked public health in the eye, but just for lunch.

consider suburban living often a tacit admission that money is more valuable than time.

spotted three of these guys in dad's pond.

read sam harris's essay on buddhism.

the wisdom of the buddha is currently trapped within the religion of buddhism

the methodology of buddhism, if shorn of its religious encumbrances, could be one of our greatest resources as we struggle to develop our scientific understanding of human subjectivity

the endgame for civilization cannot be mutual tolerance of patent irrationality