this week i

helped map premium variation in the individual insurance market.

crossed the border between the latin and cyrillic alphabets.. see ukrainians doing what ukrainians do best..

driving cool cars

wearing nice clothes
summerfying science

might say that wanderlust is just an admission that there's no place you'd rather be.

bought my poker chip, hopped on the metro.

toured centuries-old orthodox churches.

realized later that the national yellow and blue flag actually represents this blue and gold.

squinted at the motherland statue..

..opted for a quick fix.

believe possession is limited to three things: curiosity, health, and the warmth of others, and luckily, the first nurtures the other two.

thoroughly enjoyed kiev, where..

men are golf tees, women are keyholes

modesty is so important, even gargoyles wear fig leafs over their genitalia

sexy shirts are only allowed if your spine and invisible bra create the illusion of a crucifix

good vibrations abound

bugs is either proposing or about to eat bart's shorts..

..but the easter bunny must have married his job

local greenhouses boast of the american southwest

assholes who ride motorcycles through parks rightfully get chased by rabid street dogs.  sic 'em!

mourning smells of singed plastic

street protests erupt, perhaps over gas trial rows

nothing says freedom like wings encased in cement

impromptu salsa just happens

hilltop churches make everything alright

want a beer now for some reason but can't figure out why..

..and with such respectful treatment of women..'s not hard to see why they'd want out.

saw some child soldiers..

..and some lazy monsters.

found these damn impressive things in every direction.

concluded eastern europe for a while.

identified the true ukranians on my flight to heathrow by those who clapped upon landing.  also noted that microsoft's blue screen of death doesn't discriminate.

determined that roughly 40% of the fractions we see in everyday life are repeating ones, with r of course.