this week i

made my maiden voyage to french north america..

..for everyone's favorite holiday.

steered the city lights myself.

guess that the decline of the church means classier cafe seating for the rest of us.

rented le bike.

..though the pride of our outdoorsiness was soon dwarfed/trampled by ice surfers.

had the saint lawrence river to ourselves.

ate a bone marrow steak, and other remarkable things.

saw the image of the virgin mary in that crab claw on the left.  look hard, she's there.  pilgrimage time!

expanded trios to quartets.

stopped by basilicii..

..don't miss the inside of this one.

prepped for the big night..

equipment? check.

costume role model? check. maybe a little less silence of the lambsy.

..and the result.  official costume title: "dog sticking its head out of the car window on the drive home from the veterinarian after being neutered."

was hopelessly, happily outdone.  the big leagues of halloween costume effort n expertise.

have a little story for you.  minding our own business inside a cab, i was enjoying a language lesson..

..when i looked out the window to see that someone had stolen my outfit idea.  leaping into character, i did the only sensible thing.  now i just need to take a piss on his favorite hydrant.

dropped by the liquor store to see the cashiers' holiday attire.

stayed out late.
foresaw regret, yet devoured the provincial dish anyway.  b.t.w. the quebecois word for cheese curds: fromage squeeksqueek.

implore you that if you're ever in montreal..

tassles are how locals display their wealth and prestige.  in quebecois high society, convincing others that you're not embarrassed by your headgear indicates strong upbringing and good genes.

 profoundly beautiful churches might distract worshippers during late afternoon mass
seriously, squirrels prefer croissants to baguettes, no seriously, i am dead serious

eat the homemade frozen maple syrup lollipops.  can't possibly be legal back home
making fun of the british is not mandatory but strongly encouraged..

..and avoid any beer with an ontario-brewed label.

when you suddenly realize the architecture both defies gravity and supports trees, try to restrain your head from exploding all at once

underwent my routine extra-search at canadian border control.  if my twenty-nine year old self could say one thing to my nineteen year old self, it would be, "don't tell that canadian immigration officer that wow you love canada so so much and omg think you want to live there."  but can you blame me?

just want to say that my flossiraptor joke pre-dates the philosoraptor meme.

admit that there has never been a better statistics question.

discovered that if you throw a 'da' on the end of insh'allah, you get an enchilada.

booked my christmas ticket, because there's no better way to protect human rights than to be there.

read about ingenuity at google.  the purpose of 1-800-goog-411 was a data-collection exercise?

celebrated michelle's passing of her first set of phd exams with mini-golf.

have seen a lot of morgan while she moves to d.c.  after viewing minute 23 with the president, i make sure to shake hands with her as much as possible.  what used to be executive afterglow nowadays is mostly just newspaper residue.

think i solved roger peng's r listlabeling challenge. (and follow-up)