this week i

donated.  the obama campaign publishes the percent of donations below $200, which is why i didn't round up.  also disappointed that ft's tone has soured on the occupiers.

celebrated savitha's phdone.  and then over to michelle's for a delicious dinner.

scored megabus double-decker-to-philadelphia top-front seats for my friday afternoon office.

forgot my laptop headphones and found the best silent entertainment out there (1) (2) in addition to an enormous moon over the city limits.

brought fireworks.

ate this.. that.

climbed on an urban rooftop and lit some fuses.. celebrate 11/11/11 at 11:11pm and 11 seconds.

visited the house my mom grew up in..

..and around the block, my father's childhood home.

heard their mail reads, "molest."

..oh and hey that tar stain looks like south america.

went to the zoo..

..with its incomprehensible lion-death entrance sculpture.

recognized martin van buren..

confirmatory mvb dollar

..see what i mean?

channeled stanley kubrick.

found everyone's second favorite panda.

suppose it's just like a melting iceberg in the wild.

enjoyed a little gorilla sprint and tackle..

..and inevitable regret.

walked home along the schuylkill.. anyway, philadelphia isn't too bad.