this week i

launched my r statistical programming tutorials website.  videos explaining one concept, two minute maximum.  you have always wanted to learn statistical programming. now is your chance.  tell everyone.

got picked up by the revolution analytics blog.  david smith describes my work a lot better than i do.  also joined the r-bloggers network.

aim to semi-replicate khan academy videos, but for the short attention span of a computer programmer.  and salman khan's ted talk shouldn't be missed.

e-mailed emma: "i am having dinner with bill frist on thursday how is mogadishu" ..and final report: both excellent.

strive for a razor wit and cuddly everything else.

watched it happened one night.  78 years old, one of only three movies to win all five.

ate late night krispy kreme.

attended physics is phun at u.m.d.  gives you hope for humanity that so many people have nothing they'd rather be doing on friday night.

saw buddha and frida.

read gawande's complications.  even more than his other books, he's just rambling.  he's perfected a calm, omniscient voice, so it's enjoyable to read.  but don't expect a thesis beyond: medicine is hard.

'wow, that must hurt,' i blurted out idiotically

conscious learning becomes unconscious knowledge, and you cannot say precisely how

among the most provocative stimuli for space sickness in astronauts is simply seeing another astronaut float by upside down, which can produce a sudden, nauseating perception that you are the one who is upside down

'an autopsy?'..'hasn't she been through enough?'