this week i

released my first package on cran.  this code allows r users to read an ascii file directly into r as a data frame, by parsing out a sas input syntax file.  so, for example, analyzing national health interview survey or ipums data has always required the purchase of sas, stata, or spss.  until now.

listened to the white freightliner blues, introduced by lyle lovett's new album, then found gillian welch's beautiful wail and steve earl's wild old tune.  they all rip your heart out, but in different ways.

averaged 350+ views per day on the first week of my new r statistical programming learning blog  plain fucking insane.

set the magic number at 720 views per day.  since 24 hours x 60 minutes = 1,440 minutes in a day divided by two minutes per twotorial, at 720 views per day, on average, someone would always be listening to my voice.  why?  what are your life goals?

refuse to join twitter, but thank them for the coverage anyway.  send me ideas for what you don't understand about r, please?

smartbiked.  and look like this nowadays.

celebrated amir's birthday at karaoke.

saw the last reef 3d, who knew sea slugs were so pretty.  not me.

read the three worlds of captain john smith - enslaved by the ottomans, kept a colony alive in america, then spent the rest of his life writing about it.  undistilled academic research, not yet a story for a broader audience.  and..

disney screwed up pocahontas (she was a young child when she quote unquote saved his life)

 ..and old maps are fantastic.

preferring voluntary death to the refinements of turkish legal retribution, john smith dressed himself in charatza's brother's clothes, stuffed the corpse under some straw, filled his knapsack, shut the barn doors, mounted the brother's horse, and galloped off into the waste

the colonists still 'would rather starve and rot with idleness, than be persuaded to do anything for their own relief without constraint.'  so wrote john smith

john smith, diminutive warrior from the battlefields of turk and tatar, was admitted to the august presence of the autocrat of tidewater virginia

trade ensued, and soon the english had acquired bear meat, venison, bearskins, fish, bows, arrows, clubs, and shields - the last-mentioned apparently of basketwork

smith's rebellion against london dogma was in obedience to the need for survival

rats are not native to america

better it is to make a decent profit out of what you have, than everlastingly dream of alchemy