this week i

got a little mention for a bureau of labor statistics presentation in their monthly labor review.  ..and another twotorials citation in a statistics course syllabus.  glad to do my part to end the course textbook racket.  academics signed up for a career of building and sharing knowledge; compromising free dissemination ideals for tenure might have had its time in the sun, but in tomorrow's world, tuition will be obsolete.  memo to doctors: you'll be the next group with your feet held to technology's fire.  share what you know.  for free.  and do it now, before someone else does.

woke up over the u.k..

..and yet another workweek.  this is the future, people.  make it happen.


..toward camden.

rented four bikes..

..near regent's park.

bought boat tickets.. titanic fashion.

even caught the tube..

hey wait, back up a second, they allow dogs on the subway?

alright, where was i?  oh yeah. an occupation..

..or two.

always thought bob dylan paled before the grateful dead, can't find a better example of perfect lyrics for the imperfect song.

recommend you beat the crowds to see..

criminalized good humor

nope, not working

maybe, but with other people's money.  this is why we don't like you.

americans would have the decency to put their subway glass of wine in a paper bag

newton and darwin's graves..

..charlton heston grave rollers

dear casual business lunch vendors: either stock penis punch as well or keep your reverse euphemisms to yourself.

okay okay i'll take your photos in front of the ancient frigate with everyone's camera hold on a sec jeez

..and primo parking.

made our own unguided banksy tour.


not banksy


left town..

..against better judgment.