this week i

discovered that the harvard school of public health biostatistics r programming course includes my paper in its resources.

landed in prague for the weekend..

..wasn't alone.

consider continental europe the land of noon-time beers.

don't speak czech, but deciphered the census non-white majority births story anyway.

saw black light theatre.  lots of harpsichords.

followed the locals..

to a book fair

..and beer garden

notice the new mom, probably going for a post-childbirth drink

parting is such sweet sorrow, eh?

visited the young artists museum.

titled 'jesus christ, superstar' but i prefer 'christ died for our gyms'

water on canvas

the best

the silliest

stayed on this street..

across the river from the action, but

just like new jersey: you live there for the views.

hopped on the honor-system subway..

..and then the extensive tram network.

noticed a wide range of graffiti.  from the corporate.. the repetitive.  nice digs, though.

saw a woman give her dog a few licks of her ice cream cone, then continue eating it herself.

am on record: bernese mountain are the best looking dogs out there.

will remember..

stone-carved violence

little tourists in training

ipad photography.  if the mayan calendar is right, i'll know who to blame

bohemian splendor

czech me out

grabbed a train to vienna.

knocked on an oversized wooden door.. settle in for another workweek.

attended sunday night mass.