this week i

need some aciclovir because went viral.  twenty thousand views in two days.  first reddit's programming feed, then hacker newsstatisticians gave a much warmer reception than programmers.  also: favorite tweet.

don't know how to teach, like thelonious monk doesn't know how to play the piano.

live out of my computer.

converted a mountain of spss code into r.  in vienna.

dropped by the home of the r foundation.  just a boring old mathematics department.  scheisse!

still, statistics are amazing.

visited the natural history museum.  full of porn for..



and cavemen.

i named him steve

rep. chris lee infrared impersonation

but sloppy joes are okay, right?

antilopen und stained glass

so realistic

crossed the street for the fine arts museum.  and more porn.

why a leaf?  okay, maybe a maple leaf - but only if it's a canadian painting.  for austrian masters: try disguising adam's junk with a schnitzel.

sure why not

medieval seattle

secretly love getting in the way of other tourists' cameras.

wonder what that means.

had enough of that.

rode west to munich.  but just for the weekend..

another unfairly beautiful city

downtown.  this is downtown.

and where the rapids get rough, what do they do?

sledding too

if mike tyson were a duck

guess i'll go home now.