this week i

converted my menu-driven public health data sources page over to a wiki.  and received an acknowledgement in a health affairs paper about medicare-medicaid integration.

went with dad to the dr. john concert at the birchmere.  easy, good.

saw ted alexandro with max.  riot act feels suburban.

recorded a very caffeinated two minute tutorial.  and then got picked up by my favorite data visualization blog.

made it to cuban jazz interpretations of classical music at the kennedy center.  and a lecture on exoplanet detection (hey, two star, one planet systems are real) at the air and space museum.  oh and asia after dark at the freer courtyard too.

watched the pbs desert of forbidden art, about the mind-blowing museum in rural uzbekistan i visited last january.

don't understand how prostitution can be illegal where making pornography isn't.

saw george and michelle before their move to chicago, nepal, infinity, beyond.


(1) what to do about citizens united

private money that wants to buy political influence tends to behave like water running downhill: it will find a way around most obstacles.

(2) our intelligence bureaucracy

from a converted barn in vermont, where he mines open sources

large amounts of waste and duplication.  the system's inefficiencies are dangerous, because they increase the probability of unintended errors.

we should not be surprised to be surprised

(3) the most important book in the history of the english language

"the translation is an immense improvement" over the original

(4) liu xiaobo

better than the assent of the crowd: the dissent of one brave man

one must think for oneself

that westernization could be used to reform china suddenly pathetic as the attitude of 'a paraplegic laughing at a quadriplegic"

the mighty government, with all of its advantages and vast resources, is not ready to do battle with the chinese underworld

at the oslo ceremony, an empty chair was substituted for the absent laureate.  within hours, the words "empty chair" were banned from the internet in china

(5) a bunch of angry kids

the top 1 percent of americans possess a greater net worth than the entire bottom 90 percent-if 90 percent of anything can be considered the "bottom."

the police seemed by turns to be bored, enraged, ambivalent, and exhausted.  often their presence felt more like a tactic than a legal necessity, as if they were there not to uphold order but to demoralize protesters

fill our tents with cement, a symbol of our permanence, a message to police that we're not so easy to dislodge

a recent pew research center poll found that for the first time more people under the age of thirty view socialism positively than view capitalism positively

(6) (7) steve jobs, just a salesman

your life will be held up as proof that business can be spiritual.  this is something america would very much like to believe.

the company that jobs and a classmate started in his garage 35 years ago is now worth more than $350 billion

apple is the only major technology company for which technology is a slave to taste

jobs's 'binary' thinking: people were 'gods' or 'bozos' and their ideas were 'amazing' or 'shit'.

isaacson's biography suggests that he spent most of his life behaving like a three-year-old

the iphone, for instance, accounts for only 4 per cent of the mobile industry's sales by volume but brings in more than half its profits
let's hold them in the air and sell a few

factories in china where more than a dozen workers have committed suicide, some by jumping; where workers must now sign a pledge stating that they will not try to kill ranked at the very bottom of twenty-nine global tech firms 'in terms of responsiveness and transparency to health and environmental concerns in china.'

manufacturing desire

(8) the importance of a trial

i pissed on their faces too.  i was a bad boy in guantanamo
(9) n k

the future of korea wasn't discussed at yalta where the division of europe was decided, but moscow and washington privately agreed on a similar division of the korean peninsula

havana's a paradise and fidel is god.  just get me out of here.  i'll never open my mouth again.

(10) the russian elections

(11) banking on fiction

if returns are high, risks are never far behind

in the recent financial crisis, uk banks' shareholder returns fell from twenty-something to below zero in the space of a year

(12) an artist's life after the peak

to the bold query why he never published another book as good as catch-22, he would answer, 'who has?'

(13) the drone industry

one of them hit gaddafi's convoy as he fled sirte, allowing his pursuers to catch up and execute him.

now acquired its own congressional lobby, the unmanned systems caucus.

(14) jenny diski on the malvinas

it isn't only the papers who are furious.  ben fogle, who currently has a programme on tv in which he swims with crocodiles (i don't know what else, if anything, he does), is not standing for it.

(15) aristide till today

that's just a rumour