this week i

published our annual report on medicare advantage enrollment.  one-fourth of older and disabled americans belong to the privatized medicare insurance market.

flew to nashville.  but not before bumping into roy at bwi.

deplaned, caught my ride, sunset-drove straight to memphis.

ate four consecutive barbeque meals.

checked out sun studio.  elvis sung here.  johnny cash too.  and now us three.

saw about twenty horse-drawn carriages, ~80% with companion dog like so.

realized 'memphis' comes from egypt.  too bad this is surrounded by interstates and parking lots - and isn't in use.


..for both replica and real mississippi rivers.

drove to arkansas for a few hours.

population: me

wonder exactly how many people missed that typo before it went to print.

can't visit the south without re-enactments.

headed to beale street..

for performance art

for live music

for colorful characters

..and late night magic.

drove right past graceland.  yeah no thanks.

zoomed in on a telephone pole.

praised jesus on a nondescript sunday in june, in a crowd of just three hundred.  best music in memphis.

made it back to nashville for a rough 2012 ehbs workweek in good company.