this week i

published four short dental analyses for an oral health briefing.

received my first citation as 'phone call with authors' in this study of auto-enrollment as an alternative to the mandate.

hung around vanderbilt.. present a poster on my r contribution at the 2012 user conference.

had a few people recognize me from  one remarked, "oh you're the two minute guy" - "shhh, don't call me that in the presence of ladies thanks."

love you too.  oh, and crossed the 50,000 views mark.

leaned toward not pursuing a phd in statistics.  a biostat dissertation requires the discovery or refinement of a new method, but our society doesn't need that sort of niche research.  we need broad dissemination of the techniques we already have.  this parallels our challenges in global health: we have the tools to end stupid diseases - there's no malaria in florida.  let someone else chase the silver bullets.

didn't attend as much as i would've liked to, although this snappy guy quoted one of the two other guys who taught me r.

woke up in a beautiful home..

..not without protest.

had a shower.


took a leak.

ate locally.

smelled the roses.

walked in the park.

greeted the neighbors.

got an idea for my next do-it-yourself project.  replace the gowns with a statistical distribution. or something.

celebrated a birthday..

..adults don't do this because?  after a couple of drinks, the swinging ability evens out.

hit the flavor ceiling: those are cheese-filled.

met middle tennessee entrepreneurs..



got drunk..

..beat bubble bobble.

have forgotten boredom.

miraculously timed my visit with dale ann bradley.  again.

'ppreciate cha.

read a little..

(1) the five categories of rebels

when the cold war abruptly ended in exploded.  ethiopia's dictator, mengistu haile mariam, supported for years by the soviet union, and somalia's despot, mohamed siad barre, backed for years by the united states, were both ousted in 1991.

shabab recently opened a twitter account

(2) in bombay slums

a procession of broken-toothed, profit-minded santas

turned his snot black

"stupid pimp with the brain of a lemon!" she'd say in mock outrage.  "you think my babies will go hungry without your cans? i ought to take down your pants and slice off what little is inside!"

most of them would gladly blow their noses in your last piece of bread