this week i

visited kristina's new house in hampden.  stopped in lexington market, bought a fifteen minute parking stamp from a hawker.

ate gas station gourmet with dad and emma.  only overlapped in town for about a second, but i'll take it.

fought a cold.  won, obviously.

arrived in rainy-ass orlando..

 to present

 ..and be presented to.

 watched epcot fireworks..

 ..but don't kid yourself.  disneyworld a terrible place.

found more d.a.b.

shared a cab to the airport, talked shop with the unc director of hsr.

picked up my rental car.

drove through a tropical depression.

set up on tampa bay.

had to do it.

visited kitschy ybor city.

tried the dali museum, but - given it's the only reasonably cool thing to do in tampa - the line deterred me.

spent the morning hitting refresh on my browser. and hate cnn. and love america. we did this. we're just getting started.

work for an organization that got cited three times in the final decision.  (p. 51, 108, 172)

pinged the lively r-help community for a way to remove missing values from logical tests.