this week i

found the secret security line at bwi - baggage claim level.  whoosh.

wonder when we're going to get some female pilots up in this piece.

flew to kansas city, drove through kansas state.  the full route.

watched high school football..

down to the last play

..and a post-game marching band interpretation of west side story.

sped into the night.

explored state parks of the plains.  huh.  pretty flat.

visited the little apple..

..full of great ideas.

didn't plan.

discovered wamego.  still going to the bank on frank baum's choice of giving dorothy a kansan homestead.  a wild n simple saturday..

..also, world's shittiest petting zoo.

ate gator tots.

wish more local libraries bound small towns together..

..the reading room was all mine.

expressed solidarity.

answered some questions..

our challenge as a nation? resist the urge to build new things, instead make old things work better than new.

why are heartlanders fat?  hot dogs grow on trees.

how can this state get more religious?  change the name to kansus.

what if i were average? the world would be fucking awesome.  that's what.

passed an afternoon in topeka.

moved in for a closer look.

sympathize with hippies..

..even if they do resemble antonin scalia.

stopped by one of the schools desegregated by oliver brown versus the board of education of topeka..

..not long ago, in a city i love.

rented one, ate from the other.

shared the road.

scooped some fancy new headgear off the side of the highway.

arrived at big city sunset..

..things just getting started.

strongly disagree.  if canada is with us, mexico too..

..and not sure how rallying around atheism helps.  a tiny sliver of the population, we already punch well above our weight.  schools of public health have a hard time attracting alumni dollars because graduates donate to the organizations solving problems that they care about instead.  the convening of atheists has always posed a parallel problem: fight for what you do believe in.

drank a beer, watched the 1992 debates.  ross perot's healthcare proposal?  copy other nations.

ate barbeque on the banks of the missouri.

flew away.

wrote one more check.