this week i

published our examination of medicare beneficiaries' relationship with the open enrollment period.

met my hero and an inspiration for

read an enlightening interview of my other hero.

made it to the first page of google search results for "r tutorial video" and even "r tutorials" but not "r tutorial" - more work to be done.  related: still need to de-throne this guy.  if he cures cancer, i'll be pissed.  happy, but pissed.

learned monster has no antonym.  pocket that response for the next time someone tells me a word that nothing rhymes with.

use metaphors, anthony, don't forget to use metaphors.

easypassed to new jersey.

visited joe at the shore.

would start a photoblog - tanningordead dot tumblr dot com - if i lived there.

ate about five pepper n egg sandwiches..

..and the other desserts of italian immigration.

drove the bird sanctuary..

 ..hey buster, stay within your federally-designated area.

woke up for the last warm sunrise of the season.