this week i

published our herculean analysis of medicare and the voucher idea.  which, might i add, the president tweeted to 21 million followersthe house gop fought back, oh hey and a senior fella at the american enterprise institute called it the best technical study so farthe last paragraph of this forbes article explains why i do what i do.

published our own survey of seniors re: medicare and the election.

cannot get this out of my head.

love you joe.  and mother jones? you released that video a little too soon. okay okay one more thing: tina fey should cut her hair short (except the widow's peak) and impersonate paul ryan on snl.  lock it up.

have never gone hungry.  important to remember.

landed in miami to explore the northern caribbean.  full route.

awaited an e-mail and started a large computer program mid-day friday, then cut out early.  drove to key west and back, finished my work late-night.  this is my life right now.

drove the remarkably unremarkable pavement along the keys..

..luckily this fellow spiced things up.  gutsy.

found few signs of authentic habitation..

mostly just shallow diving

sham multi-tasking

sandless shores

atlantic ocean, gulf of mexico, me, snore

sponsored beer drinking

..worldliness faking.

got pretty frustrated when hey oh hello there..

oh look another one hanging out on the banks of fort zachary taylor hey wait lemme snap some photos

gah no don't leave actually holy moly thanks for the memories

reaffirmed my love of moats.

identified one-issue voters.

experienced swampland sunset.

headed back to civilization.  classy.

walked the anhinga trail.

rode a riverboat in the north american jungle.

saw a marina manatee.

drove to miami..

for a little more work

..and a little havana too.


(1) war down the nile

sudan doesn't have many friends

president bashir, who had fought for decades to prevent this very outcome and who stood to lose a third of his territory and two thirds of his oil if the south seceded, endorsed the referendum

the north wanted to charge more than $30 a barrel for transit fees, and the south wanted to pay around one dollar

(2) alchemy, not jurisprudence, but who cares

the belligerent joint dissent

the drum roll of 5-4 decisions reflecting a consistent ideological split..the supreme court is not really a court of law but just another political institution

just another long-overdue program of risk-pooling

(3) survey research

citizens basically choose their own experts to help them make sense of the political swirl