this week i

launched an announcement blog sure to consume most of my after-hours energy for the next few months: analyze us government survey data with free tools.  dr. lumley linked to my github account on the main r survey package page.  this about / faq summarizes everything.  and since my code's stored on github, a punchcard logs the times and days i make the most progress.  i believe in this work.

marveled at paragraph four of obama's wikipedia entryjanuary 3rd, 2008 i was watching cnn international, jumping up and down on my hotel bed in medellĂ­n.  for good reason.

imported the medicare 5% sample into monetdb using the new r package.  lots of bugs, obscenely fast.

am a statistician and therefore distrust anecdotes.  better to answer questions no one else can, like how long until we discover the unicorn? 

find great symbolism in paul ryan washing those dishes that don't need cleaning.  except lowering taxes on high earners costs more than soap.

saw how to survive a plaguewinston churchill comes to mind.

passed my global entry interview.  oh and texas, you're turning blue again.