this week i

released the 2013 employer health benefits survey.  well, nirmita and matthew did.  and gary answered reporters' questions like a champ for an hour.

posted code to analyze the major american longitudinal teenager health study, littered with references to ancient greece.

cleaned up, moved out.  living in the shrine to my youth for a little while.

consider publication bias a part of our dna.  for example: name someone who attempted to cross the mid-atlantic before colombus.  i can't either.  remembering failures goes against something primal.

drove up to new jersey for the food.  this is joe, my father's best friend.  pictured here with blueberry pie.

ate at a days inndian restaurant and other favorites.

ran a solid five miles across brigantine island, then ate with my father, joe's neighbor nick, joe's partner linda, joe himself, my cousin lynne, and my aunt rosemarie.  you wouldn't believe how many puppets i had to go through to get my father to smile for the camera.

spent a lazy sunday morning writing algorithms.  no help from these two.