this week i

figured out the share of health insurance premiums subsidized by the affordable care act in the self-purchase market.

watched my old professor discuss the compromise of reproducibility (at 7:05).  with their deterministic statistical machine idea, roger and jeff are way ahead of both my work and the situation on the ground.  they're searching for the statistical equivalent of einstein's unified field theory while i'm over here tying metal keys to kites in thunderstorms just to see what happens.

crossed the bay bridge.

camped at maryland's finest.

met the locals.

have a camera in my pocket, thanks.  although i was happy to see howard and misty.

snapped a tent selfie.

shut down for forty-eight hours.

suspended the rules.

look forward to next year's double-rainbow-themed birthday cards.

received twenty-two tuples.  my first gift of obfuscation.