this week i

published code to look at, well, um, every doctor in the united states.

received the official endorsement of the brazilian census bureau.

jotted down my idea for a data set with three hundred million synthetic americans.  i'll get to it as soon as i tire of  so possibly never.

patiently waited for doctor erin trish to finish that glass of water so we could celebrate her defense with this bottle of wine.

had a long conversation with the uk data service about how to automate the login.  they're going to make it easier.  and legal.  six to eight months.

got monetdb export coaching from hannes - copy select * from table into foo.csv using delimiters ',' null as '';  also ought to use fetch() asap.

scrubbed mold off the ceiling.

traded two burritos, two six packs for a freshly-painted bathroom before i move out.