this week i

packed one extra in the suit-case.

met hannes in-person, in-baltimore.

tried on the best of baltimore party, themed for..

prohibition re-enactors

mad scientists

henry ford look-alikes

mustache swappers

once-in-a-while troubadours


previously hungry people

cosmetic surgery center of maryland success stories

village people reunion tours

not pictured: post-party surprise free cupcake for random strangers distributionists.

climbed up to nine for the workday.

ate thanks to - and let's hope this sticks - grillmaster siva.

sailed to key bridge.

hung out with one of the rare folks who speak my language.  he scolded me for my continued use of `sample` in column names, "it's a freakin' sql reserved word."  who else can i talk about this stuff with?  nobody, that's who.

rest my case.