this week i

think being a statistician is like eating a reese's: there's no wrong way to do it.

paraphrase mcdonalds: thousands and thousands served.

ate lunch with my old bengali tutor.  i would abbreviate his name j.d. but his name is already jay de, so no time-savings there.

walked down to the canal with dad.

read about the anthropology of inequality.

if someone from clan a killed someone in clan b, then revenge could be obtained by killing any member of clan a, whether or not they were directly involved in the original crime.  (our urban gangs would be delighted to learn they are maintaining ancient traditions.)

shaka, the great zulu war leader, took only 12 years - a period of time invisible to archaeologists - to go from being the illegitimate son of a minor chief to king of the zulu..he was also a mummy's boy: when his mother died in 1827 he ordered that for one year no crops should be grown and no cows milked, and that no married couples should have sex; he then executed seven thousand of his subjects who didn't appear to be grieving sufficiently.