this week i

posted the home mortgage disclosure act data with max's help.  most every mortgage in the united states.

viewed baltimore real estate.  mura street, east lanvale, north glover, and lamley in butcher's hill.  at $50,000, lanvale has the most upward potential.  but my low tolerance for repairs makes it unfeasible.  north glover feels too far east to benefit from the new construction at hopkins hospital.  mura might be guaranteed income, but has little long-term potential.  lamley is small.

ate some spicy gnocci.

don't know how that happened, but love the new private mural behind kristina's house.

read alan turing's wikipedia article.  maybe i should get a chain of zeroes and ones tattooed around my bicep.

got caught in a shitstorm.

cannot spell-check graffiti.

visited two farmers' markets in as many days.

noticed some phantom visits, sniffed around for the source.

love mooc season.  this time of year, on average, someone is always listening to the sound of my voice.

made my own coffee.  nothing is impossible.