this week i

published some pre-aca denial rates, but larry did most of the talking.

bug-fixed monetdb.r for the next release.

[8:17:32 AM] Hannes Mühleisen: but no more "interrupted..." errors?
[8:18:30 AM] Hannes Mühleisen: i blew one month on this windows thing already
[8:18:45 AM] Hannes Mühleisen: waaaay to much
[8:19:02 AM] Anthony Damico: hold on
[8:19:31 AM] Hannes Mühleisen: (of course, the query result on linux is correct)
[8:20:01 AM] Anthony Damico: what's the interrupted.. error?
[8:20:09 AM] Anthony Damico: you mean this?
[8:20:10 AM] Anthony Damico: QQ: 'copy 18691551 records into hmda_lar_12 from 'C:\Users\anthonyd\AppData\Local\Temp\RtmpMJp5iK\2012HMDALAR - National.csv' using delimiters ',','\n','"' NULL AS '''
Error in .mapiRequest(conn, paste0("s", statement, ";"), async = async) :
  ERROR reading MAPI block header (-1)
[8:20:16 AM] Anthony Damico: i think you solved those
[8:20:20 AM] Hannes Mühleisen: yeah, those
[8:20:32 AM] Anthony Damico: right, those did not happen (at least not right away)
[8:21:22 AM] Anthony Damico: gotta support windows ;)  you want me to run the monetdb.r cran downloads by OS?  it's going to be 75% windows i promise
[8:21:49 AM] Anthony Damico: sorry bud

[8:24:30 AM] Hannes Mühleisen: i think i am going to yell at some swan later today
[8:25:00 AM] Anthony Damico: hahahahaha wtf are you talking about
[8:25:07 AM] Hannes Mühleisen: frustration management

listened to john white talk about statistical programming with the julia language with david.  the gains in speed cannot be worth the cost of learning a new language and building these r packages from scratch.  maybe my kids will use it.

got a ticket to rye.

climbed brooklyn rooftops.

learned joe lhota earned fewer primary votes than anthony weiner, correctly differentiated rent control from rent stabilization. with max.

ate a scandinavian breakfast.

snuck in late afternoon brunch with tracy.  some notes:

cognitive dissonance is the foundation of humanity

anthony, it's not a good idea to point at people with head-tattoos