this week i

published everything you need to work with the panel study of income dynamics.

received a second link from the brazilian census bureau.  viva!

cannot believe huseyin's publicity over his drugs versus exercise paper.  even fox news filed this report.  he was proudest of the new york times coverage.

had juliette tell me, "you can now go back to your regularly scheduled programming."  so apt.

keep your government hands off my obamacare.

worked from baltimore for the week, powered by the best coffee this side of the columbia river.

passed by mica students just doing their thing.

am sure that's legit.

woke up early to run past the cathedral where nancy d'alesandro became nancy pelosi.

just like it here.

got my name from the italian kid on the left..

..and here's the other half of my grandparents.  framed thanks to matthew.