this week i

learned that our number - how many people land in the coverage gap - made the daily show at 4:50.

live next to rua paulo.

read more on my neighborhood, found this hammurabi justice story, a fifteen minute walk from home.

saw the words no sugar, bought it, took a sip, wondered why it tasted like shit, drank some more, noticed "concentrate" front and center.  one of those foreigner mistakes, fortunately of the category that makes you stronger.

crowded onto the subway car.

huddled in the wildest urban rain.

invited alene, back from bahia, to the sambadrome.  you see that word?  sambadrome.  in 1965 americans built the astrodome.  twenty years later, brazil's gaudi one-upped us..

for samba aka chaos

for wonder woman-led orchestras

for competition: copy the float's facial expression.  hard to pick a winner

human foosball #1

soccer chickens.  there's a story here, but patient explanation could not penetrate my dismal portuguese

 human foosball #2

impersonating chuckie (see parade), right down to the orange headgear

johnny depp launchers

impossible to focus on both subjects

the world's best-selling toy

certainly voodoo, although which way is anybody's guess

 missing the misses

clocktower in the distance says 3:25am, no sign of things slowing down

the world's hardest core interpretation of that elementary school parachute game

desculpe only one straw per purchase, you'll have to wait your turn

proudly did no research.  because unexpected insanity stays with you.

slowly read stephen colbert's i am america (and so can you) over the past year, just finished..

it's amazing how easy it is to make "i'm praying for you" sound like a threat

..but the show's still better, 'specially now that we're contributing to the content.