this week i

have had my full name listed at the bottom of the second page of those monthly enrollment reports for one two consecutive months now.

scored a link from brazil's major employment survey microdata homepage, suddenly half of my viewers are portuguese.

helped myself to a free plane ticket to sao paulo.. exchange for one lecture at the best university in latin america.

use "duck-billed platypus" when describing the r language.  translation: ornitorrinco.  here's the audience shuffling in.

took a de-stress stroll around campus after the talk..

..brazil's a hard place not to like.

flew back to rio, same afternoon.  btw this is a better picture once you take the time to notice the plane bird rainbow moon.

suppose, if i really had to, would get a tattoo "made in usa" on the base of my neck.

ate dinner over at andrea and jean-michel's and god dammit if they didn't have me cross-dressing by the second course.  prep for carnaval 2015.

wish more (any) cab drivers brought their dog to work.  consider a dog in the front passenger seat of your next taxi.  (a) it'd be immediately visible to customers who dislike dogs, so no fare, no big deal. (b) customers who dislike dogs probably don't tip well. (c) customers who like dogs will tip even better cuz there's a dog in the cab.  (d) must be boring driving around the city all day without a dog (e) shut up it's a great idea.

check-mate that.  snowden got everything right, the father of the internet agrees.

had a home-cooked meal with djalma and his lovely wife.  four months ago, djalma convinced me to come to rio.  so he is my tl;dr hero.