this week i

published this state of medicare advantage market movements.

live with my old friend ulisse, here's his daughter drinking water..

..hey luzete come get in the family photo.

 speak bissauan portuguese with luzete, english with ulisse, and two-year-old with andrea.

lose electricity a lot.  the power went out saturday night at eight.  i chipped in four dollars for some fried fish and spicy couscous.  we all tried to sleep on the roof for the breeze.  i brought my yoga mat and we played with andrea and dozed off.  i woke up soon scratching mosquito bites and went back down to the hot room.  i showered and worked and lost battery.  i tried to sleep and then showered and waited.  the power came on at three.  i wrote things down and watched half an episode of the roosevelts.  i haven't corrected this paragraph, so i must've fallen asleep after that.

confirm that bananas and coffee go well together.  plantains and mustard too.

attempted introduction to music production but i am a one-trick pony.  so questionnaire design for social surveys it is.

rescued a suitcase.

mistakenly ate vietnamese food in an air-conditioned restaurant a few blocks away. sticking to local dishes from now on.

burned all of my stackoverflow cash on a mapping projection fix and how to bind census bureau shapefiles.

walked to africa's westernmost point.

stay cool.