this week i

published instructions to work with the public libraries survey.

asked how to fatten a city map.  the answers aren't perfect but the community is.  like this premier explanation of a correlation coefficient.

learned the survey randomized response technique.  a population-only, anonymized way to ask sensitive questions.  just algebra.  your respondent needs to have a coin handy.  "did you ever have sex with a goat or is your birthday in june?"

cannot distinguish cold showers in this climate. bucket showers are all business, toilet paper is a waste of money.

improvised sandwiches..

..shopkeepers sell buttered bread wrapped in newspaper.  some asshole did the crossword puzzle around my loaf today.

live a spartan existence.  here's our neighborhood..

our street

our street at night

our street's best house

our street's my house

our open-air apartment.  they all are

our kitchen.  look dad, no fridge!

vh1 behind the music but for the previous photo

our hallway

my room, with new best friend lower left

my office, new best friend in foreground afternoon sun.

cannot complain.