this week i

published syntax to analyze the fbi's national incident-based reporting system, the daily show discusses its one flaw.

helped upgrade the foundation's most visited webpage.

just think levon helm is magical.  he was cool before it was cool to be cool.  by the way, music videos nowadays are g-rated pornography.  porn music could use the upgrade.

realized brazil borders france.  also that quasi-random probability next/last birthday survey methods are anti-twin.

run along open ocean for the first time this year.  rio: bay, hanoi: lake, tallinn: gulf, riga: canal, vilnius: river, london: wharf, dakar: ocean..

..first moonbounce-adjacent route too.

ordered pistachio, but maybe next time.

live in the flight path.

went out for dinner in big town, walked home in the evening breeze.