this week i

updated our estimates of how many poor uninsured americans will be left out of obamacare.

consider sympathy for the devil a towering achievement.

brought home ice cream saturday night.  dished out five portions for ulisse, luzete, mbaye and fuck everything two for me then gave the rest of the tub to the family downstairs.  when a house without refrigeration receives a shipment of the cold gold you scoop first ask questions later.

equate linux terminal computing to driving stick, only moreso.

thank whoever was running the census bureau and the cdc in the early nineties.  they set open information precedents that have kicked the ass of almost every other country on earth.

recognize that the two-dimensional implementation of this algorithm could find the perfect gerrymander.

like how this house views the world.

rode around the peninsula then drank this ate that.

started statistical inference with my old professor.

this initial discovery has led to mountains of papers on so called mapping the brain and generalizations to harder areas such as trying to investigate the ways in which different areas of the brain try to communicate with each other using the same technology.  at one point, some investigators wanted to illustrate the ways in which people can obtain false positives in this area by in fact conducting a study not with a person in the scanner but by sticking a dead salmon into the scanner and performing a rote style analysis.  there are many interesting aspects to the way in which they conducted the study and many ways in which they highlight failings in performing lots of hypothesis tests without accounting for multiple comparisons.  in this case, if you do lots of hypothesis tests without accounting for multiple comparisons you in fact see activation in this dead salmon.  which of course as far as anyone could tell really doesn't have any sort of brain activation since it's a dead salmon.